Introducing is a Swiss fashion company that specialises in the production of ready-to-wear apparel for men and women. The vision is to portray positive values linked to Switzerland through fashion, using innovative products and purchasing experiences that link the virtual to the physical.

Late December 2013, the urban fashion brand opened its first flagship store in the Swiss city of Neuchâtel. The opening event marked the highlight of an unprecedented year of collaboration of the Retail of Tomorrow team.

«The solution is functional and it seems that we are about the first retailer on the planet to have achieved this.»

Andreas Doering, CEO and Co-founder,

The vision

The vision was a store that ties in visually and operatively with the brand's "fresh fashion" claim. Also, technology was to be used to create an exciting customer experience by blending the physical with the virtual world, combining the best of both; including the possibility to browse through the entire collection via interactive signage totems and then shop right there and then. The aspect of personalization was also key to the vision: greeting online customers at the store with personalized offers based on their past purchasing footprint

Characteristics of the project

  • Combines the virtual world with a physical shop (and retail) environment
  • Enhances the emotional impact of the shopping experience
  • Turns customers into loyal members of the Heidi family
  • Explores opportunities for new customer experiences
  • Offers a brand-new and original combination of design, practicality and flexibility
  • Boosts sales performance and market success

Bringing a concept into practice

Featuring an innovative shop design by Zaha Hadid Architects and a creative events and communications programme, Swiss fashion label endeavours to offer new ways of advising, serving and pampering their customers at their new flagship store.

The flagship store

The new store was to be located in's HQ in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Thanks to authorities of the City of Neuchâtel, the project was developed in what was formerly a firehouse station.

  • Receive incentives upon entering the shop
  • Look at, feel, and touch items from the Heidi collection in the store
  • Obtain personalised information and recommendations
  • Order your preferred item from an interactive satellite
  • Share live images (magic mirror) with friends on social networks
  • Benefit from a personal page with NFC-enabled access and identification
  • Enjoy value-added services (loyalty points and coupons)
  • Have goods delivered to your doorstep
  • Buy using an interactive shop window (even when the shop is closed)
  • New things to discover as collections are constantly updated

The Shop-in-shop areas

The retail furniture designed for shop-in-shop areas consists of a family of modular elements that can be arranged in various configurations for different retail scenarios: temporary pop-up installations, shop-in-shop fit-outs, stores, etc.

The interactive shop-in-shop retail satellite

The modular totems are at the heart of the multichannel concept of the new flagship store. The virtual shop-front would allow registered customers to view, select and order fashion at anytime, any day of the week.

  • Shows and provides access to the entire collection regardless of the physical space available in the retail outlet
  • Links sales to the inventory (updated in real time)
  • Creates special offers and customer categories through the loyalty programme
  • Enables customers to experiment and shop online in real time
  • Retailer benefits from an instant margin
  • Goods are delivered to customers' doorsteps

Core skills


Design & Branding

Avant-garde material

Samsung's Staron®
Versatile & malleable


Tailor-made solutions
Planning & logistics

Hardware technology

Samsung's electronic devices
Authentication technology

Software solutions

Back-end / Front-end
User interface design
CRM + ERP management
Integrated payment solutions
Loyalty rewards
Authentication services
Social community programme


Omni-channel marketing
Creative design
Effective advertising

Quick facts

facility: flagship store
location :
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
challenge :
Creating an architecturally stylish, multi-channel shop, suitable for a fashionable, urban street wear online brand.
solutions :
Shop and furniture design by Zaha Hadid Architects using Samsung Staron® material; NFC & digital signage technology by Samsung Semiconductor and Intel; GUI, NFC and ERP connectivity by INOX Communication, and MCA Concept, mobile apps by Red Ant, augmented reallity by Netural, communication strategy and user-interface by INOX Communication


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