While new shopping opportunities arise on-the-go, meaning outside traditional stores, one of the major challenges for shop retailers today lies in the fact that, besides getting their omni-channel approach right, they need to uplift the attractiveness of visiting their physical outlets by creating exciting new in-store experiences for consumers.

Combining the virtual with the physical world

Technology can make the whole shopping experience easier for the consumer, and more cost effective for the retailer. An «endless shelf» combines the physical with the virtual world and offers the customer access to a much larger product range within the shop.

At the same time, it helps the retailer in reducing logistics and inventory costs, and to keep the revenue there, too. It is about blending the best of both worlds, physical and virtual, for both parties involved.

Converting a point of interest into a point of sale

Retailers are in a position where their signage technology investment can undergo a significant evolutionary step, moving from advertising-driven points-of-interest to additional points of sale. This can be relevant for areas where a fully-fledged physical store would not be adequate; where the physical store space is too limited to carry all products in stock; where restrictive shopping hour regulations cut off the business, or where retailers simply wants to create innovative offers.

Samsung and its partners are committed to helping merchants and retailers sell their products and services to customers through the adoption of interactive digital displays coupled with mobile payment solutions, thus creating more sales opportunities though a virtual «endless shelf». In effect, converting a «point of interest» into a «point of sale».